Color shading

Color shading is our process of hand painting the granite to offer small splashes of color to various graphic elements – in this example we added the color to the roses and stems of the buds.

Color Shading
Photo tile


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Our ceramic steel portraits come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and color choices. Made to last a lifetime, they are recessed in to the granite the result being the photo is flushed to the face of the stone.

Monuglass insets

Monuglass insets are permanent colors available as individual letters and names or any number of graphic images. Color never fades and all the colors of the rainbow are available.


Pet memorials

Pet memorials – we provide a large and varied assortment of granite memorials to memorialize our four legged family members


5 Aeon Vase

Half-exposed when open, the 5” Aeon metal vases are available in three finishes (gray, bronze, or brown). Vase can be turned down when not in use so that it sits flush to the ground

These versatile vases can be put in flat marker, a concrete border, in a foundation, or a stand alone vase block.

Turned granite memorial vases – pictured is a polished 4” x 10” granite vase in classic gray, sizes up to 8” x 10” and come in the full spectrum of granite colors. Mounted to the base or foundation of the memorial monument.

4 x10 granite vase
Tapered Granite Vase

Tapered granite memorial vases – pictured is a polished 5” x 4” x 9” classic gray vase, sizes up to 8” 8” x 10” and of course are available in all our granite color options.

Final date inscriptions

Many memorials have been created and installed prior to the person passing. When the time has arrived for the last date to be completed family should contact us.  We will then go to the cemetery and inscribe the additional information on the monument.