About Us


Washington's Oldest Monument Company

For us, this is not just a business. Family owned for over 125 years, we proudly provide quality craftsmanship, creative design, and personal service to all of our clients. Our expertise has been shaped by decades of hard work and experience. From unloading huge blocks off the trains and hand chiseling stone in the early 1900's, to customized etching and elaborate inlays today, we pride ourselves on helping families create lasting monuments for their loved ones.

End of life decisions are often hard. We understand the challenges families face when selecting a memorial and work closely with you to create a memorial that you can be proud of. Whether you are choosing your own monument, commemorating a loved one, or making arrangements from far away, we strive to meet your needs


We believe in personalized care, offer competitive prices, and have over 125 years (and counting!) of satisfied customers. A monument is forever. Our family would be honored to help yours.